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          Man, woman arrested with nearly 5kg of meth in Hanoi

          Thanh Nien News

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          Nguyen Quang Ha (L) and Duong Kim Ngan at the police station. Photo credit: CAND Nguyen Quang Ha (L) and Duong Kim Ngan at the police station. Photo credit: CAND

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          The Hanoi traffic police Tuesday arrested two people for allegedly transporting nearly 5kg of methamphetamine after pulling over their car in Long Bien District.
          The passenger has been identified as Duong Kim Ngan, 35, of Hanoi and the driver as Nguyen Quang Ha, 39, of Lang Son Province.
          According to Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Chieu of the traffic police, officers inspected their SUV near the Ngoc Lam and Nguyen Van Cu crossroads and found the drug in five packages.
          They also seized more than VND10 million (US$450) in cash.
          It is unclear if the police had discovered the drugs accidentally or been tracking the duo.
          At a police station, Ngan said a man had hired her to transport the drug from Lang Son to Hanoi for VND20 million. She had hired Ha to drive her and the drugs to Hanoi.
          The duo had repeatedly changed the car’s license plates to avoid detection.
          The police are investigating if more people are involved in the ring.
          If convicted, the duo could get death sentences under Vietnam's tough drug laws which stipulate capital punishment for possessing, transporting or trading more than 600 grams of heroin or more than 2.5 kilograms of methamphetamine.

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