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          Hashtag #Vietnam: The week's best photos

          Thanh Nien News

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          Here are 10 of the most memorable snapshots on Instagram that you should not miss

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          A photo posted by Dmitry Polonsky (@ifnotelse) on

          Kite surfing at Mui Ne beach town in central Vietnam

          A photo posted by T? Hoàng Hà (@markiejd) on

          Construction workers in Hanoi
          On Ha Long Bay, northern Vietnam

          A photo posted by elvina febriani (@elvinafebriani) on

          All the good stuffings at one of the beloved banh mi shop in Ho Chi Minh City

          A photo posted by Juan Ferrer (@juane88) on

          Lanterns on the ceiling of a Hanoi shop

          A photo posted by ??? (??????) (@callme.nicole) on

          The Central Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City

          A photo posted by Saigoneer (@wearesaigoneer) on

          Sunrise on Tam Giang Lagoon in Hue, central Vietnam

          A photo posted by S? Thanh (@xmars2) on

          The ferris wheel in Da Nang, central Vietnam
          Banh khoai, a crunchy rice pancake popular in central Vietnam and a sister of the more popular banh xeo 

          A photo posted by Janny Huynh (@janny.huynh) on

          Sunset in Phu Quoc Island in southern Vietnam

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